Types of Electric School Buses

Electric Bus Parked

The IC Bus Electric CE Series Bus/Type C

30-77 Passenger Capacity

Within the school bus industry, IC Buses are known for safety, comfort, innovation, and quality. Production in Tulsa, OK offers centralized control over chassis, engine, body, and other options. Service and support standards are high.

The model we offer has these features:

  • 2 different battery capacities for 135 and 200+ ranges.
  • Wheelbases offered at 217″ 254″ and 276″
  • Regenerative braking converts momentum into electrical energy used for slowing/stopping
  • Air Disc Brakes standard with Hydraulic Brake options.
  • Industry-leading power input of 125kWh
  • Factory-installed telematics for vehicle health monitoring and location data
  • DriverFirstâ„¢ environment
25.electric Low Angle Driver Front Final

Collins Electric Bus/Type A

12 Passenger Capacity

Collins is a long-time manufacturer in the school bus industry, with 50+ years of success in Type A and Multi-function models. Collins is known for a design/engineering approach that emphasizes strength and structural integrity from every angle. There is no safer, stronger school bus on the road. ADA Accessible layouts available.

The Electric Bus Type A features include:

  • Commercially tested/proven lithium-ion battery packs
  • Range of 130 miles.
  • Narrow-body design for maneuverability
  • Large windows
Collins Electric Bus