Turtle Top


Leading features, flexible designs and construction

Turtle Top’s company roots date back 100 years, but in the last several decades they have focused on innovations for cargo and passenger vans, lightweight design, electric vehicles, and environmental responsibility.

Turtle Top vehicles are perfect for a wide variety of individuals and organizations – churches, colleges, schools, and more! Turtle Top offers shuttle buses, transit buses, charter buses, 15 passenger vans, tour buses, and limousine buses.

Why Turtle Top Shuttle Buses

• Established manufacturer of small to mid-sized buses

• Known for innovation in vehicle design

• Range of features and seating designs

• Superior safety standards

Why DeVivo Bus Sales

• 50+ years of experience with New England school bus fleets

• 1-stop sales and service

• New and used vehicles

• Best in Class brands

• Alternative fuel vehicles

One-stop solution to keep bus fleets running smoothly season after season, year after year