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Flexible vehicles with mobility in mind

School vans make passenger transportation more flexible and accessible. Vans can fit in driveways, and are better suited to special needs transportation. This is not to mention that vans are a more affordable option than traditional school buses. DeVivo Bus Sales offers a range of school vans, from multiple manufactures including TCI Mobility and Braunability. School vans can have a range of different specifications, but those decisions start with the question: wheelchair-accessible or not? Whatever your choice, and whatever your other needs, we can provide a vehicle that fits.

You could be a school district or school bus contractor, in need of a school van. Or your company might specialize in accessible student transportation. Or you might just be a daycare or after-school program, looking for a safe, but affordable way of transporting children. There are many reasons why a school van might work for you.

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TCI Mobility

TCI Mobility Is recognized for vehicles that are engineered for strength, which equates to safety and durability, without sacrificing comfort and maneuverability. Ergonomically placed grab bars, handles, and lights optimized safety. TCI vehicles are fully compliant with ADA and other standards.

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BraunAbility makes mobility products including wheelchair vehicles, wheelchair lifts, transfer seats, onboard wheelchair security features, and more. They have a 50-year history of expertise in optimizing independence and mobility.

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