Cooperative Purchasing

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Streamlined purchasing for schools

Cooperative Purchasing: What it is

By acquiring vehicles through a supplier, like DeVivo, from a nationally recognized cooperative helps schools streamline the buying process by meeting all state and local competitive bidding requirements on large purchases without having to put these items out to bid themselves.

DeVivo Bus Sales has cooperative purchasing agreements through Sourcewell for IC Buses and Equalis Group for Collins school buses and multifunction school activity buses.

Benefits of Cooperative Purchasing

Less expensive. Larger volume, lower prices. Better value through competition. Fiscally sound procurement. Reduces overhead.

Quicker. Reduces time spent on administrative activities. Utilizes skills and knowledge of trained professionals that are knowledgeable in state procurement laws

Easier. Less time spent in-house on specifications, bids, quotes, or proposals. Access to a wide variety of quality products from reliable suppliers. Preliminary work completed well in advance

Safer. Contracts have been written in accordance with state regulations. Maintain public confidence through ethical and transparent procurement practices

Sourcewell for IC Bus

Sourcewell combines the buying power of 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations. Simply pick the appropriate contract or supplier—Sourcewell does the rest.

Sourcewell’s analysts streamline the procurement process by developing RFPs and IFBs for national, competitive solicitations that meet or exceed local requirements. Their rigorous process is continually refined to best meet the needs of participating agencies and allows them to offer exceptional products from nationally acclaimed suppliers.

Who’s Eligible?

Participating in Sourcewell is available to all government entities; public and private K-12 schools, colleges, and universities; and nonprofit organizations. There is no cost, no obligation, and no liability. Businesses, private consumers, and for-profit organizations are not eligible.

Ready to Get Started?

Register online to become a participating agency. There are no fees to use the contracts, no commitment, and no obligation to purchase—and the online registration takes just a few minutes.

To purchase through an existing, awarded contract with DeVivo, simply contact us with your Sourcewell account number.

Equalis Group for Collins School Buses

With Equalis Group, public organizations demand more from the procurement process. Utilizing the lead public agency contracting model, Equalis Group brings compliance, cost savings and unmatched efficiencies to the purchasing process.

Their goal is to provide your organization with competitively solicited contracts for products and services that meet your strategic procurement goals. They know how important compliance is for their public sector members. Their contracts are competitively bid in compliance with public sector procurement standards.

Who’s Eligible?

Participating in Equalis is available to all public sector entities, including local governments, K-12 schools, higher education, and state agencies

Ready to Get Started?

If you are not yet a part of the Equalis Group family, become a member today to access Equalis Group’s entire portfolio of contracts. Their promise – there are never any costs, hidden fees, gimmicks, or volume commitments.